Old Shop Smartisan logo points to new Smartisans logo

Shop Smartisans is now Smartisans. We have a fresh and modern new logo, new colors, and a brand new website on a new e-commerce platform.

Our new logo is animated to highlight the hidden words in our brand (SMART and ARTISANS) and to show symbols for a few of our favorite crafts (a quilt block, a ball of yarn, a needle and thread, and an an appliqued and embroidered patch).


If you shopped at our former website ShopSmartisans.com, you'll see that some features here are the same and some have changed. We carry the same lines of products that we did before and are adding new premium products to our catalog.

We're also going to begin selling premium Smartisans-branded products, made in the USA.

Nothing has changed about the way we work behind the scenes to handle your orders quickly, take your calls, answer your questions, and provide great customer service to the very best of our abilities.

Your order history is associated with your email address, so when you confirm your account on this website (smartisans.com), you'll be able to see your former orders from purchases made on our previous website (shopsmartisans.com).

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