Smartisans shipments in progress, custom boxes, stickers, foam, scissors, packing tape

We offer a lot of items that can be damaged is shipping when not packed carefully. Something our customers love most about us is that they know we pack every purchase thoughtfully and with great care.

A few examples:

  • Delicate quilt rulers get thick foam and correctly sized boxes
  • Thin books go into stiff cardboard stayflat packaging
  • Thick books are wrapped in foam and sturdy bookfolds
  • Bamboo needles are packed in a sturdy stayflat envelope with an extra insert of corrugated cardboard

We've continuously improved our packing materials and skills over nearly 20 years of packing crafting items for shipping worldwide. So, no matter what product or combination of products you purchase from us, you can count on us to have a great way of packing your order. 

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