A Quilt Ruler That Lights Up? Really? That's Amazing!

Quilters, get ready for game-changing new tools! Carolina Moore has created innovative new quilt rulers with built-in LED lights to make fussy cutting and precision work easier than ever. Say hello to the expanding Glow Quilt Ruler lineup.

The first Glow Ruler released is the 6-inch square acrylic ruler, and it's available today. It features LED lines that light up at the touch of a button, powered by a rechargeable battery. It’s perfect for illuminating cut lines on all fabrics for more accurate fussy cuts.

Some key features and specs:

    • Acrylic plastic construction
    • 6-1/8 inch x 6-7/8 inch size
    • Inch and metric measurements
    • LED light-up function
    • Rechargeable battery and USB-C charging cable included
    • Ideal for fussy cutting and precision quilting

Five additional new Glow Rulers will be available this year -- hopefully in June, if all goes well.

    • CM23GRL - 6in Square Left Handed Glow Ruler
    • CM24GR125 - 12-1/2in Square Glow Ruler
    • CM24GR125L - 12-1/2in Square Left Handed Glow Ruler
    • CM24GR624L - 6-1/2 x 24in Left Handed Glow Ruler
    • CM24GR624 - 6-1/2 x 24in Glow Ruler

 Just imagine being able to clearly see your cut lines illuminated right on the fabric as you rotate and slide your rotary cutter. No more squinting and second guessing if you're perfectly on the line! The Glow Ruler takes the frustration out of precision work and makes every cut easier and more accurate.

As quilters, we know the joy and creativity that comes from combining different prints and patterns to make our quilted works of art. This ruler lets you unlock even more creative possibilities and achieve the vision you have for your projects.

With multiple sizes and left-handed options, Carolina Moore is making sure all quilters can experience the revolutionary illumination of these light-up tools. The Glow Quilt Ruler brings advanced technology to your craft room. Accurate cuts have never been easier to see. Upgrade your quilting tool arsenal with the first of these innovative illuminated rulers today, and stay tuned for the new sizes coming soon!

Don't wait to try the transformative power of the light-up lines yourself - get the Glow Ruler 6-inch square today!



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