Be a kid again. Relax, play, create.

Remember how we played when we were four?

Hanging out this morning with my 4 year old grandson Jacob reminded me. Anything can be anything, and imagination is everything.

Start with parsley for hair. Add rosemary for the arms and thyme for the feet. Basil bits make the body and ears, and cherry tomatoes make the perfect hat, face, and tummy.

As adults we often need encouragement and inspiration to play with our crafts. That’s one of the reasons I love Sue Spargo’s books and patterns. If you are into hand embroidery, quilting, sewing, and appliqué, you're going to love Sue’s modern folk designs. Her recent pattern book, Forest For The Trees, is a perfect example. Here's a close-up.

Folk Art Quilt Applique and Embroidery Close Up

If you are a knitter and in the mood to play with color, The Beekeeper's Quilt Knitting Pattern by Stephanie Dosen for Tiny Owl Knits might be for you. As a bonus, you can use up lots of left over yarn bits and bobs. Here's a close-up.

Read more about them and be prepared to be inspired. 

Forest For The Trees Quilt Pattern Book by Sue SpargoForest For The Trees Quilt Pattern Book by Sue Spargo

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