We’ve got ‘em! The ChiaoGoo Forté 2.0 Knitting Needles - A Must-Have for Serious Knitters

Calling all Smart Artisans and Crafty Knitters...

In stock  and available — the long-awaited ChiaoGoo FORTÉ 2.0 African Blackwood and Carbon Fiber 5-Inch Interchangeable Knitting Needles - Complete Set. This new and improved set aims to provide the smoothest, most enjoyable knitting experience on the market.


Direct feedback from devoted knitters like you resulted in two thoughtful improvements to the original set: carbon fiber shafts for needle sizes US 2-8 and three extra cables. Based on feedback, ChiaoGoo has switched the smaller needle sizes from wood to sturdy carbon fiber, while keeping the larger sizes in African Blackwood. This makes the smaller needles much less prone to breaking. The Forte 2.0 also includes three new flexible TWIST cables, loved for their extremely smooth joins and lack of memory. The updated set still includes six SWIV360 cables, which share that flexibility and lack of curling. Between the improved needle construction for the thinner tips and the there additional TWIST cables, the Forte 2.0 is sure to be a dream set for knitters wanting quality interchangeable circular knitting needles that smoothly handle all types of projects.

We highly recommend serious knitters add the Forte 2.0 set to their tool kits. These needles will take your knitting to the next level. Get a set to enjoy knitting that intricate Fair Isle sweater or lace shawl you’ve been dreaming about.

The original Forte set was extremely hard to obtain due to a limited first run, but I saved a few quotes from those who bought and love them:

"I started knitting with them last night and this morning and I love them so far. They're not too slick and have just the right amount of grab on the wooden shaft. The shaft is smooth and warm to the touch and the tips are nice and slick but not too much, imo. The set is gorgeous and comes with everything. It's expensive but I think worth it."

"I have a set. They're lovely. I find it's feels wonderful to knit with and my hand isn't cramping like with the metal needles. They're not as slick as metals but they glide so smoothly !!"

"My husband bought one for me for Christmas 2022. I finished my first hat on size 9 and 10 needles in record time. The wood and stainless steel combination makes them very light and comfortable. The 360 swivel in the cable also makes knitting easier and faster. Also having scissor, tape, and a darning needle organized in the set encouraged me to tie in all the ends of the hat immediately as opposed to letting it sit unfinished for several weeks as I usually do. This set has really upped my skill level, speed, and overall enjoyment of knitting."

"I have the Forte 1.0 and LOVE them. I did have a crack in one of the sz 3 tips when it arrived and ChiaoGoo sent a new pair. Remember everyone to twist the tips on by holding the collar, not the wood, especially on the smaller sizes. My arthritic hands love the feel of the Blackwood and the tips work so well for colourwork and cables. I purchased a couple of red cables to use with smallest 2s and 3s so I am set."

And here's what I'm hearing from ChiaoGoo fans who have already decided to purchase the new ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 set:

"I have the full 5" set and the 4" set in steel and the 5" set in bamboo. I also have the original Forté. I have two each of the red, blue, and yellow. I also have the 4 " and 5" minis. And I am STILL tempted by the new Forté release🤪"

"Well, I did it I ordered or rather pre-ordered a set. They are pricey and so I talked to my husband and he just said to order it - lol! I wasn't expecting that answer. 😆"

"I went and did it (on pre-order) too! I can’t wait to get them!"

Trust us, you do not want to miss out on being among the first knitters to enjoy this game-changing new needle set. Head over to our listing now to order the ChiaoGoo FORTÉ 2.0 African Blackwood and Carbon Fiber 5-Inch Interchangeable Knitting Needles and get ready for the most heavenly knitting experience imaginable. Your yarn and hands will thank you!



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