Garden of Dreams II Quilt Pattern Book by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics

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Discover the enchanting world of quilt design with the "Garden of Dreams II" quilt pattern book by Jason Yenter. This stunning collection features six new quilt designs, each brought to life with fabrics from the Garden of Dreams II collection, also designed by Jason Yenter. Perfect for both novice and experienced quilters, this book offers clear instructions and beautiful illustrations to inspire your next quilting project.

  • Softcover Book
  • Pages: 56
  • Publish Date: 01/01/2023

Featured Quilt Patterns:

  1. Purple Petals

    • Description: A delicate interplay of purples and greens with a gorgeous floral border print, creating a floral-inspired quilt that brings the beauty of a blooming garden into your home. Includes 2 printed full-sized triangle templates.
    • Size: 79.5 x 109.5 inches
  2. Garden Blooms

    • Description: Featuring a mix of warm and cool tones arranged in a dynamic design that evokes an explosion of tulips. With its floral border print, this quilt captures the vibrant energy of a blooming garden. Includes 5 printed full-sized triangle templates.
    • Size: 79.5 x 109.5 inches
  3. Garden Trails

    • Description: A mesmerizing pattern of interwoven paths in soft blues and greens, guiding you through the lush trails of an enchanted garden.
    • Size: 87.5 x 87.5 inches
  4. Magic Garden

    • Description: This quilt combines vibrant oranges and reds with hints of soft purple surrounding circles of vibrant blooming flowers, evoking the magic and wonder of a whimsical garden.Includes 1 printed full-sized applique template.
    • Size: 73.5 x 91.5 inches
  5. Periwinkle Dreams
    • Description: Soft blues and greens create a calming and serene quilt, perfect for adding a touch of tranquility to any space. Includes 2 printed full-sized triangle templates.
    • Size: 79.5 x 109.5 inches
  6. Trip of Dreams

    • Description: A stunning array of rainbow colors arranged in a trip-around-the-world quilt pattern, capturing the essence of a fantastical journey through a garden of dreams.
    • Size: 87.5 x 107.5 inches

Introduction by Jason Yenter

"Jay and I are currently in the process of building a home I designed. It’s located just a few minutes north of Seattle and sits on three-quarters of an acre. When we purchased the land it really did not seem that big, but now that the house is on it, and I see what’s left, I’m not sure what we’ve gotten ourselves into!

Garden of Dreams II is my interpretation of a beautiful, mystical garden, full of color and light. If you could actually walk through it, you would find yourself in a peaceful sanctuary of nature at its best. Will we ever get around to creating something like this at our new home? Who knows. I hope so, but first we might have to find some friends who are actually good at gardening!

Enjoy these patterns and fabrics. As always, I welcome you to use them as a starting off point to create something uniquely your own!" - Jason Yenter

Additional Information:

  • Publisher: In The Beginning Fabrics
  • ISBN: 979-8-9876756-0-1
  • Pages: 56
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • Dimensions: 8.5in x 11in x 0.2in

This book is an excellent resource for quilters to explore new patterns and fabrics. Whether you are aiming to create a bold statement piece or a delicate work of art, "Garden of Dreams II" offers something for every quilter's taste and skill level.


BrandIn The Beginning Fabrics
AuthorJason Yenter

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