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Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET

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About the Authors

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Building a Better Web Site

Articles We've Written

Coding Tips

Creating a Visual Web Page Template

Critical Information

Writing for a Web Audience

Seven Steps to Easier Web Navigation

Simplify and Sort for Better Searches

Accessible Web Sites Matter

No Weak Links

Squeeze the Most Out of Web Graphics

Usability Testing

Remove Stumbling Blocks by Usability Testing

Usability Test for Success

Focus on Usability

Getting Started

Web Commandments

Web Ugly

Going Strong

E-Business--Up Close and Personalized

Reeling in the Sales

Stir-Fried Graphics

Taming the Web Color Monster

Why Animate?

Widgets to the Rescue

Know Thy Users

Internet Incantations

Burn All GIFs?

Books We Recommend

Learning About SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.

What We Do

How We Do It

What We've Done

Web Sites We've Designed, Developed, and Audited for Usability

KeweenawNow.com: a Soup-to-Nuts Web Site Project

TrueNorthAntiques.com: Makeover Design In Progress

ADDIS: Analysis and Web Design for an Extranet Application

BizTalk.org: a Web Site Usability Audit

Logos and Banners We've Created

Products We've Photographed and Described

Books and Articles We've Written

Book: Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET

Articles We've Written

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Learning About This Site

About This Site

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