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Chapter 15: Creating a Web Site

Apress, Paperback, Published July 2002, 936 pages, ISBN 1590590279 List Price: $59.95, offsite link.$41.97 at Amazon.com (save 30%).

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Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET
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Creating a Web Site

Working with a Professional Designer

Establishing a Working Relationship

Delivering a Web Design

Converting a Web Design into a Web Application

Factoring a Web Design for Implementation

Implementing a Web Design

Localizing a Web Page Design

Modifying the Structure of a Web Page in Code

Incorporating Bound Data into a Web Page

Encapsulating Design Elements in Controls

Using Graphics in a Header Control

Developing a Localized Footer Control

Developing a Control for the Navigation Menu

Rendering the Navigation HTML

Embedding a Custom Control in a User Control

Developing a Breadcrumb Control

Deciding What Breadcrumb Links to Display

Implementing a Hybrid Breadcrumb Link Design

Using Session State to Remember Previous Links

Using Authentication to Vary the Display

Localizing Graphic Effects

Personalizing Web Pages

Getting the User Name from an Identity Object

Storing Visitor Information in Persistent Cookies

Reading Database Information Efficiently

Creating a Database Access Class

Creating the BrowseAll Function

Inviting Spiders, Crawlers, and Surfers

Creating Web Pages on the Fly

Adding Meta-Keywords Dynamically


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