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What We Do at SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.

Our company offers a complete range of services for customers who want a high-quality presence on the Web. We can design, develop, and host a Web site to meet the specific goals of your organization.

Screenshot: ADDIS, an extranet application.We also provide custom services to organizations building their own Web sites. For example, we can team up with you to develop a detailed Web design and prototype for implementation by your organization's developers. If you need a logo or professionally-done digital photography, we can create the images you require.

Page snippet: persona and scenario for usability audit.SoftMedia Artisans, Inc. can conduct a usability audit of your Web site, whether it's already live or under development. Our audit will identify specific improvements that you can make to help your Web site meet the goals of your organization.

Screenshot: Article on IBM's developerWorks Web site.Many publications, both print and online, feature our articles and columns about Web development and software usability. We can provide well written, state-of-the-art information for your readers in either of these subject areas. As we've done in our new book, we can also write articles about topics concerning ASP.NET development.

Our customers find us easy to work with and totally committed to providing top quality work on schedule. If you contact us, we'd be pleased to submit a proposal for the work you need, whether it be a complete Web site, teaming with your organization's developers, auditing the usability of your Web site, or writing an article or review for your publication.

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