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What Our Clients Say About SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.

Over the years we've received lots of positive feedback about our work. Here are some of our favorite snippets.

About Our Web Design and Development

  • "I showed everyone your Web interface for [our application]. Oohs and ahs filled the room. ...everyone loved your designs!"
  • "The website is positively wonderful. We feel really honored that we are having the opportunity to work with you on this."
  • "This is some pretty cool stuff!! I think we have the makings of an application that is easy to use and navigable."
  • "Everyone here who has looked over my shoulder this morning at what you've done has been really impressed. We're definitely off to a good start! ::-)"
  • "Constance is one of the best user interface people around."
  • "The look and feel of the site is directly in line with what I had hoped for."
  • "I really like the way that the data entry pages look... particularly the enrollment and account update pages. Very clean!"
  • "Cool stuff! And I like how quickly it loads..."
  • "Everything is perfect. Thanks so much! Buenas noches!"

About Our Teamwork

  • (On meeting a critical client deadline): " You guys are gold!!! And you can quote me!"
  • (On initial meeting with client staff): " We are all pleased with your participation in [our Web site project]. It is nice to find someone who shares our visions of usability and I believe also the vision to create a better educational tool."
  • (On on-schedule completion of book project): "Never have I worked on such a smooth project, not in eight years of doing this. You are true professionals as well as some of the best writers I've worked with."
  • (On providing required technical interface): "I love the pages, but I especially love what you did with the nugget/pagelet concept. You really took it and ran with it."

About Our Writing

  • "I just had the pleasure of reading your latest [article]. And the sheer clarity of the thing, the rightness of the thinking and the expression, struck me so hard I felt guilty, at the end, for not telling you before now how proud I am to have your work in [our Web magazine]"
  • "You nailed the length, the phrasing, and the links. I got shivers reading it every time I glimpsed your management of the media. And I got those shivers because I knew to look for your hand. For most readers it would simply have been a great article because they never even suspected the wizard behind the curtain."
  • "I just had to drop you a quick note to let you know we all love your article. We have an 'editor's meeting' each day to review our article lineup, etc. We all take time out at that point to discuss that day's correspondent's submissions. Your article was a hit...unanimously so."
  • (On copy for Web product sales): "Beautiful job!!! You write up the descriptions so perfectly---I guess that's why you write for a living."

Our readers concur, saying...

  • "an exceptional piece of writing."
  • "I've read entire books on this subject which are less informative than your short piece."
  • "the most succinct, well-informed and comprehensive piece of work I've come across."

About Our Product Photography

  • "The pictures are not great, they are magnificent!!!!"
  • "Pictures are so good. If I was not selling, I would like to buy it all!!!"
  • "Your write ups and photos are wonderful. I am impressed."

About Our Web Usability Audits

  • "I'd be happy to be a reference. You guys did a great job on the [Web usability audit] work."
  • "Stupendous. Thank you. Job well done."
  • "Thank you once again for doing such a great job!"

About Our Code

  • "It is a very elegant piece of code. Once again, thank you VERY MUCH!!"
  • "[You] are world-class coders. ... How did so much technical talent end up in one place...?"

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