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What We've Done at SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.

We've designed, developed, and audited Web sites for usability. We've created logos and banners for our clients. We've photographed and described their products. And we've written much on the subjects of Web design, usability, and software development. We're proud of our work and pleased to show you a few examples.

Web Sites We've Designed, Developed, and Audited for Usability

"I showed everyone your Web interface for [our application]. Oohs and ahs filled the room. ...everyone loved your designs!"

Screenshot: KeweenawNow.com.KeweenawNow.com was a soup-to-nuts project in which we created a Web site for a client who publishes news, points of view, and current happenings for the Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.

Learn more about our work on this site.


Screenshot: New design for TrueNorthAntiques.com.TrueNorthAntiques.com is an in-progress Web site makeover in which we're giving the site a professional new look and a useful, usable new feel.

Find out more about our design decisions for this site.


Screenshot: ADDIS, a private extranet application.ADDIS is an extranet application used by Alaskan providers of services to consumers with developmental disabilities. Under contract with one of the co-development organizations, we analyzed existing functional and database information and created the Web design.

Learn more about the challenges we faced with this assignment.


Screenshot: BizTalk.org.BizTalk.Org was a Web site created by Microsoft to encourage the use and exchange of XML based documents. We were contracted by Microsoft to review the usability of BizTalk.org and to prepare a usability audit report.

Find out more about this usability audit.

Logos and Banners We've Created

"Thanks for the logos -- they are great - clear - etc ... I am grateful to be working with your wonderful art."

When you ask us to create a logo for your business, organization, or application, we know you want the logo to evoke a feeling, make a statement, establish your image, or sell a product. You want a high quality, professional design that loads quickly on the Web.

Snippets from 6 logos.

See for yourself how well we've done in our portfolio of logos and banners.

Products We've Photographed and Described

"The pictures are not great, they are magnificent!!!!"

Photograph: Teapot.Our clients give rave reviews for the clarity, color vibrancy, and all-around excellent quality of our product photography. We're experts when it comes to optimizing graphics for the Web, and we write compelling Web copy.

Check out our portfolio of product photographs and descriptions.

Books and Articles We've Written

"the most succinct, well-informed and comprehensive piece of work I've come across."

When we write for you, you can count on us to provide you with well-researched, clearly written, state-of-the-art information, which we carefully craft for the target audience.

Book cover: "Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET".Hot off the press, our new book Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET speaks directly to experienced Visual Basic programmers who want to use VB .NET to program Web applications. We include extensive, practical advice about how to produce high quality code and how to design professional quality, usable Web pages. 

Read sample chapter 15 from this book.


We've created an extensive archive of our articles and columns about Web development and software usability, here on the Smartisans.com Web site.


Screenshot: Article on IBMs developerWorks Web site.offsite link.Writing for a Web Audience, pictured here, is one that we wrote for developerWorks, IBM's Web site resource for software developers. The usability section of this Web site provides articles, written by seasoned experts from around the world, to help developers create user-centered applications


Screenshot: Article written for Enterprise Development on Devx.com Web site.offsite link.Seven Steps to Easier Web Navigation, pictured here, is one of several we wrote for a monthly column on user interface design and usability for the print magazine Enterprise Development. The articles have been reprinted in DevX.com, a leading commercial Web site that provides the international IT community with comprehensive information on software development for corporate applications.

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