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ADDIS: Analysis and Web Design for an Extranet Application

"I showed everyone your Web interface for ADDIS. Oohs and ahs filled the room. ...everyone loved your designs!"

Screenshot: ADDIS home page.ADDIS, which stands for Alaska Development Disabilities Information System, is an extranet application used by Alaskan providers of services to consumers with developmental disabilities. It provides bi-directional information sharing with the state of Alaska's developmental disabilities management information system.

Under contract with one of the co-development organizations, we analyzed existing functional and database information and created the Web design.


As shown below, we designed two-tiered navigational tabs that put all 20 application functions just one or two clicks away.

Screenshot: ADDIS provider profile tabs.
Screenshot: ADDIS consumer information tabs.
Screenshot: ADDIS financial center tabs.
Screenshot: ADDIS reports tabs.

We incorporated images of Alaska's natural beauty to add a pleasing touch to the serious information content. Then we color coordinated the tabs to reinforce the uniqueness of each section, some of which have like-named content such as "addresses" and "contacts". 

Notice, too, the compact organization of and easy access to the application's five common links: logout, about, help, meditrack, and website.


Many of the application's functions have view, update, and add capabilities. The following screenshots show our design approach for handling these capabilities. Button colors match the section colors, and button labels (e.g. accept changes, cancel update) are consistent throughout the application—making the application easy to learn and use.

Screenshot: ADDIS consumer information view addresses page.  Screenshot: ADDIS consumer information update addresses page.

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