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News Story: offsite link.Local Family Writes Book on Web Programming — KeweenawNow.com — August 15, 2002. TORCHLAKE TOWNSHIP—Zac Torkelson's first book went on sale on July 16th, just one day before his 15th birthday. He collaborated with his father, Lynn Torkelson, and mother, Constance Petersen, to create the 936-page book, Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET published by Apress LP of Berkeley, California.

Press Release: Build and Deploy Top-Quality Web Applications Using Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET from Apress (150K PDF) — Berkeley, CA — July 23, 2002. Apress announces the release of Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET by a unique family team: Lynn Torkelson, Constance Petersen, and their son, 15-year-old Zac Torkelson.

Article: Programming Whiz Kid Pitches In On Family Project: 14-Year-Old Writes Code Samples For .NET Book By Carol Ryan. Printed Originally in MicroNews, Microsoft's employee newsletter August 24, 2001. Reprinted with permission.

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