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Founded in 1997 by Constance Petersen and Lynn Torkelson (partners in life, marriage, and business), SoftMedia Artisans, Inc. helps its clients create useful, usable software and Web sites. We specialize in custom web and software development, usability testing and audits, digital photography, and technical writing. For more information about our work, see What We Do, How We Do It, What We've Done, and What They Say

Constance and Lynn, with help from their son Zac, recently co-authored the book Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET, and they have begun a new book Programming the Web with Visual C# .NET.

Constance Petersen, CEO of SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.Constance, the CEO of SoftMedia Artisans, Inc, is also the creative force within the organization. She has written many articles on Web design and usability, some of which you'll find reprinted here in the section: Build a Better Web Site: Articles We've Written

With more than 25 years in software development, Constance has had a variety of responsibilities including programmer, designer, analyst, consultant, project manager, development manager, and client manager. When she is not writing or working on a Web site, Constance can often be found photographing the wonders of nature with her digital camera. 

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Lynn Torkelson, CFO of SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.Lynn, the CFO of SoftMedia Artisans, Inc., is also the primary technical force within the organization and lead author of the new book Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET

A grizzled veteran of assembly language and C programming, Lynn has extensive experience using Visual Basic to develop client-server business applications. Before ditching the corporate world to go into business with Constance, he also did tours of duty as a manager of software development and of software quality. When time permits, Lynn enjoys playing duplicate bridge.

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