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 I have a lot of good ideas I want to share with you.

Making this page was a good idea because I learned all about making it look great with a few nice, lightweight graphics.

Here's another good idea. I think someone should invent a dark switch. It would work like a light switch, but instead of turning on the light, it would turn on the dark! Wouldn't that be wonderful for people who work at night and have to sleep during the day!

Do you have any good ideas? If you do, send me an email. I promise to publish the best of your ideas here on this page.

Oh by the way, about that suave looking fellow in the top, left corner of this page... If you guessed that he's just some guy from a page of clip art, you guessed right. I'm just pretending he's me in this sample Web page.

I customized these graphics, with a little help from some not very original clip art. Pretty cool, eh? The light bulb came from a web site called Andy's Art Attack, and the image of "me" is copyright 1999 www.arttoday.com

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